Upcoming Offer: LEGO 60th Anniversary Exclusive Bundle: LEGO Classic Creative Building Set 10702 & Sand Baseplate $5.65 in-store on Feb 3rd, 7th and 11th @ Walmart

  • On February 3, 7, and 11, Walmart will offer the LEGO Classic Creative Building Set bundled with the LEGO Classic Sand Baseplate for $5.65 in celebration of LEGO’s 60th anniversary. (This price is what you would’ve paid in 1958.

    0_1517363479016_Screenshot from 2018-01-30 20:51:01.png

  • Yeesh. In case anyone else is having problems buying this bundle, the chat support isn’t any help. They are throwing me canned responses in broken English saying to use the In-Stock alerts on the website and to try again later. Citing website problems but as a former chat support tech myself, it sounds like they’re making crap up to get you off their chat (which is blowing up at the time of this writing, long wait times).

    Curiously, the second person I spoke to said to check on the 6th and NOT the 7th, and was adamant about it. Seems odd, but good luck!

  • @midori my store didn’t know anything about the deal… said, try the super Walmart. I just checked the link again and it says out of stock and online only now.


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