New Bank of America ‘2/3/4 Rule’ for Credit Card Approvals

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    There is a new rule from Bank of America whereby they’ll only approve you for at most two cards per rolling 2 months, three cards per rolling 12 months, and four cards per rolling 24 months.
    While the rule sounds similar to Chase’s 5/24 rule, in fact it’s much more manageable. Chase’s rule looks at new cards from all card issuers combined, essentially weeding out churners from ever getting a Chase card. BofA merely limits us as to how many new BofA cards we can get per 2/12/24 month timeframe.

    Other Banks with similar restrictions:

    Chase has their 5/24 rule, and they recently limited having multiple Sapphire cards.

    With Barclays it’s always been hard to get many cards, and they’ve now severely limited Arrival+ card approvals.

    Citi limits us to one bonus from within each card family per 24-months.

    Amex for quite some time has their rule about only giving the bonus on each card once.

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