Off to buy or lease. The FW thread is gone. Tips ?

  • Going with girlfriends mother to visit n start the new car process. Old lady. About 6k miles a year. So she wants new for peace of mind. I’m also ok with that since I suspect it will be her last car ever if she buys n not leases.
    The reason I found FW was that car thread I think. Heck if given long enough I can prolly even remember the person who started that thread.

    So what tips do we have ?

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    1. Buy a used nissan leaf
    2. Have nissan replace the battery under warranty
    3. Profit

  • Here you go, I reposted it from the old forums:

  • Update:
    we went to Chevy dealer. had a nice experience. no real hard sell … no hiding of the keys on the trade in …except fiance guy came over twice … which in reality was just to bring the numbers and do one of those benefits n … wins n losses type squares. Dealing with numbers was a total of 20 mins. Overall pleasurable exp.
    Said we wanted to take numbers and ponder over the weekend. Left.
    She was going with her mechanic to look at toyota rav4 that evening. he wont let her do anything. yeah right … she leased the rav4 RIGHT THEN AND THERE.
    My only guess is mechanic guy is a little ego douche who wanted to claim some physiological win for being the big man and doing the bestest most bestest deal for her. I havent seen the numbers but no fucking way she rolls up there n signs paperwork that day and gets the best deal.
    Big waste of mine and your time FW.
    Never again.

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    @owenscott It’s possible. For the 2nd car we went in, we got a pretty sweet deal. It was a brand new leftover from a previous model year and they really wanted to move it.

    I don’t know why she would get an SUV, but I like toyotas. My 2nd car is a toyota and although it’s a huge gas guzzler, I’m fairly happy with it. Although my main driver is a nissan altima hybrid.


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