Question about balance transfers and etc....

  • I’ve been getting offers to apply for Discover It weekly (usually twice per week), pre-approved offers for an American Express Blue Cash Everyday and/or Amex EveryDay Credit Card. The only credit card I have right now is a Wells Fargo Platinum Card (Non secured). Don’t have a high balance but the interest rate is so high that $20 off the minimum payment aren’t really doing much to pay it down.

    After Katrina years ago my credit got messed up due events that occured. I’ve had the Wells Fargo card for about 6 years and some store cards which have helped build my credit back up.

    I need to transfer my balance from the dreadful WF card due to the interest rate going up multiple times over the years when I’ve never been late on a payment. Which one of the cards that I mentioned above would be best to apply for in terms of benefits other then the transfer which they both are offering 0% APR for 14/15 mo?

    I keep getting emails from Paypal titled “Congratulations, **********! Here’s your invitation to apply for the PayPal Extras Mastercard” which I want no part of. The title makes it seem they want me to be excited or something which I’m more annoyed by then anything.

  • Chase Slate has a 60-day no fee transfer offer for new cardholders, @Rowan, plus no interest on purchases and balance transfers for 15 months, no annual fee, free monthly FICO score, and no penalty APR for late payments.


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