BofA CC $500 Sign up Bonus asks about dual citizenship

  • I applied for Bank of America PREMIUM REWARDS Credit Card - $500 Sign up Bonus. For the first time (as I remember) I was asked whether I have a dual citizenship. How do they know if the answer is true of false?

  • That seems bizarre. They must have added more space to their data warehouse and need to fill it. 🙂

  • Global Moderator

    I got this question recently with BOA and another provider. I assumed this is patriot act or similar, but maybe not.

  • Hmm. I just got a Chase 1.5% card in the spring, and would have remembered that question. Patriot Act is a pretty good guess, but wouldn’t they need to do it for all accounts, and not just new ones?

  • I read somewhere in my follow-up research that in certain cases dual citizenship means more opportunity to travel overseas that may have some effect on mileage, points, overseas card usage, etc. Not sure if this is true or a factor?

  • @richard That makes more sense to me than the Patriot Act thing. I’m sure the Patriot Act allows for asking your citizenship status … uh, well I guess that is sort of what they’re asking, just in an odd kind of way.


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