Best Buy - Buying Third Party Gift Cards with Best Buy Gift Card no longer allowed YMMV

  • Didn’t see this info here. Posting in Hot Deals so that it catches the most attention.

    It is still working in some states based on various sources, but the window is closing in.

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    @fatwking thanks for the HU. I have BB gc that I want to convert. Guess it will be tomorrow.

  • Absolutely disgraceful company. They purposely did this 2 days after they put their gift cards on sale as a money grab from people. Whatever money they make off this they will lose in customer service. After I cash out my gift cards, I will stay away from Best Buy like the plague.

  • After I tried/failed to buy ExxonMobil GC with BB GC, I sold the latter to CardPool via Lemoney @94% face. Now it’s time for this Devil Customer to short BBY (NYSE).

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    I failed at conversion yesterday-- 2 stores in different states. Oh well…
    I “only” have $175 and am thinking of buying something that’s $199.
    Since I don’t usually shop BB, can someone give me pointers as to how to lower cost? i.e. are there coupons?

  • @my4mainecoons Here’s a post from the Best Buy forums regarding the GC changes.
    BB forums

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    @sportsfan64 said in Best Buy - Buying Third Party Gift Cards with Best Buy Gift Card no longer allowed YMMV:

    @my4mainecoons Here’s a post from the Best Buy forums regarding the GC changes.
    BB forums

    does one have to subscribe to read forums? I got
    Best Buy Support

    Page not found

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    This is all it says:

    Hello everyone-

    Best Buy is limiting how Best Buy gift cards can be used to purchase other third-party gift cards to cut down on inappropriate and in some cases fraudulent use of gift cards. Many retailers have made similar changes or are in the process of doing so. We apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause you.

    Best Buy gift cards can still be used on our huge selection of technology products and services we sell in store and online, and customers can continue to purchase all gift cards using other payment methods.

    Thank you,

  • @my4mainecoons Sorry, PHW won’t let me link it properly.
    Change the “0” in com to the letter o. Use the “Forums” dropdown menu to go to the Best Buy Store Purchase forum. Hopefully that will work.

  • I’m glad I saw this here on Monday. I went right away and was able to use my Reward Certificate to buy a Brinker gc, but the system denied my $10 Best Buy gc. They said it disallowed it starting last week, like you posted.

    So I go over to Customer Service and explained to them how I just tried to use the $10 BB GC to buy the Brinker gc, but got denied. So I confirmed with them that GC amounts under $5 could be cashed out (state law). She looked it up on her computer and confirmed it. So I said I would be back shortly with a couple $3 items and do the buy/return process to cash out the entire $10, she agreed.

    I find a couple items, and she says the manager told her to just cash out the entire $10 gc for me. Took her a little while to do it because the system wouldn’t allow it all at once, she had to buy 2 - $5 Best buy gc then cash them out. I didn’t really ask for details. So I got my $10 cash.

    She could see the cashout policy for all 50 states, and told me California allows cashouts of gc amount $9.99 or less, and some allow no cashout at all. Good to know.

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    @pakle Interesting solution to the problem. In my state the law is $1 to cash out. I have $25 gc so I’d buy a $24 item and get the $1 as cash. Return and repeat?

  • @my4mainecoons Sure if you can find a $1 item. With all the buy/returns, you then have to worry about Best Buy banning you from returning items, even if you have the receipt. See here:

    Add in front to bypass the paywall if you’re not a subscriber.

    Maybe wait until you can get to a state with a high cashout threshhold, like California’s $9.99, and do the buy/return process there.


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