Free Return Shipping On PayPal Purchases Through 12-31-2018 With Activation, YMMV

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    Activate Return Shipping on Us to get refunded for up to $30 on 12 eligible purchases a year.

    After you’ve returned your item in a way that’s convenient for you, visit the refund request page within 30 days of the return ship date.

    Exclusions apply: This is an exclusive offer offered to eligible PayPal account owners. With this service you are eligible to receive up to 12 refunds per calendar year (between January 1st and December 31st), and may receive refunds of up to $30 USD per claim. PayPal reserves the right to cancel or modify part of or this entire Offer at any time without notice, for any reason in their sole discretion. See full terms and conditions.

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    Just received a reminder email about this with their holiday lingo. Before Black Friday is a good time to sign up if you qualify and haven’t already.

    • For holiday hiccups, there’s Return Shipping On Us.
    • Shop every sale of the season with confidence.
    • Activation Required. Limitations apply.
    • Take advantage of every deal the holidays have to offer
    • Experience the joy of holiday savings, knowing that if a gift needs to go back or an item arrives significantly different than described, Return Shipping On Us and Purchase Protection can help make things right.


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