Ooma Telo Home Phone Service, $25, Walmart B&M/YMMV

  • Ooma Telo Home Phone Service, $25, Walmart B&M / YMMV
    In store only, typical WM clearance so not at this price in every store. Check Brickseek link for availability and pricing. My area has prices of $25, $30, $74, and $99. Don’t trust price tag in store. Mine had a $49 clearance sticker, but rang up $25. Use the Walmart app or in store price checker to confirm price.
    Brickseek link

    P.S. I’ve had mine for 5-6 years. Works great, Only a problem when internet goes down or power fails. Otherwise has served me faithfully.

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    Does this unit bring back the free service? I realize that technically they don’t charge a monthly fee for what they provide, but I haven’t seen an Ooma device marketed as a “service” since they started charging taxes and fees.

  • Only the 1st gen. Ooma was completely free for a while, I have one and knock on wood it’s still kicking. The new Telo devices all have the 911 fees + taxes added. Still a good deal for those that need a “landline” and can find one for cheap.

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    @rdnzl said in Ooma Telo Home Phone Service, $25, Walmart B&M/YMMV:

    Only the 1st gen. [snip]

    That’s my understanding as well. I have a 2nd gen and pay taxes and fees, but the OP’s including of the word “service” made me think this might have been something similar to a 1st gen deal, where there is no charge for the service.

  • Any reason to get this over an Obihai device at this point?

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    911, smart home integration, and ease of setup.


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