DirecTV has crazy retention deals right now

  • DirecTV has crazy retention deals right now
    This week, DirecTV’s loyalty/retention department has some absolutely insane offers available that can get the cost of your service down to almost nothing. These offers will usually stack with other promos on your account, so you should try regardless of whether or not you’re in contract. The discounts being offered this week generally don’t extend your contract. Because of how crazy these offers are, I don’t expect them to last very long, try to call today if you can.

    The typical discount from these offers is $60-80 monthly for a year in addition to any other offers that you’re eligible for or have on the account already. Premium channels and equipment upgrades may be free and/or discounted as well. These offers are somewhat targeted, and also depend on the rep you get. Nearly everyone will get something, some people will get amazing deals, and a few people will get nothing. If you get denied, you can try again with another rep.

    This applies only to existing regular DirecTV satellite service accounts in the USA, not DirecTV NOW.

    Here’s how to get these offers:

    • Call 1800-531-5000
    • Say “cancel service” to the robot when it asks why you’re calling. Confirm it and say no to moving. This should get you to the loyalty department.
    • Tell the rep that you are thinking about switching to another TV provider for a better price (helps if you can mention a specific provider and offer) and ask nicely if there’s any offers that DirecTV has available to lower your price and retain your business.
    • The rep will review your account and come back with some offer. Maybe a lot, maybe a little, maybe nothing. Make sure to confirm the exact terms.

    If you are able to get a better deal, please post it here for others to see what a deal you received.


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