FREE recycling tote bags and foodscraps pails available to all Emeryville, CA residents

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    RESIDENTS: Email or call 510-596-3795 to request tote bags or a free countertop kitchen pail (while supplies last).

    BUSINESS: Fill out a request from at, or call StopWaste for more information; 510-891-6575

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    Just my personal opinion
    butterflyblue, have you thought about reviewing the material before you post? Your effort is appreciated by me, but maybe you could think about quality over quantity.

    This post is an example
    This is for the residents of a single city with a population of 11,000
    I don’t know where all the members are from , but most likely none are from that city. Maybe, but then only a few?

    Again, I am just speaking for myself. You post some good stuff BUT a lot of it is very limited, for only Dentists, choir members, a town of just 11K, one select University, and so forth.

    Just wondering if you would please give some consideration to quality instead of quantity. And, as always, search first to eliminate reposts

    Again, I personally really appreciate your effort and contribution and in no way is this meant as a negative comment, just a thought on what I think could make you a great source of free stuff in the future


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