PM/Chat Your Alternate Forum Name ***SUBMISSIONS CLOSED***

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    We started off asking the community to suggest potential/alternative backup names for this forum in a public thread in case we should have to abandon

    However, the discussion raised concerns that anyone could register submitted domain names before us and then try to sell them back to us for a premium. I know, right?


    Soooo, we are now using a more secure process. We are inviting members to submit name suggestions to moderator CajunDavid via chat. I’m locking this thread to prevent anyone posting their suggestions here instead of through chat.

    The chat feature can be accessed through the thought bubble at the top of your PC screen or in the drop down menu in mobile. Just click “See All Chats,” paste or start typing “CajunDavid” into the search box, and click on his profile in the list of search results. This adds him to your chat address book. Then just click on his contact to pull up your chat history with him (it will be empty if you’ve never chatted with him before). Enter your suggested phorum names (see what I did there?) in the text box at the bottom of the screen and hit return or click send.

    You can submit as many entries as you like, whenever you like. If you wake up at 3am because you just thought of the best name ever and have to submit it ASAP before you forget it, that’s on you. I’ll update the thread title when a deadline/cutoff date is set.


    All submissions will be compiled and voted on by the moderators and administrators to narrow down the full list to the top best 5 - 10 options (depending on the quality of the submissions).

    The finalists will then be registered before presenting them to the entire community for final voting. This way, we’ll have a strong name ready immediately “if push came to shove” and could “switch over to a new name in a heartbeat.”

    That’s it. Feel free to chat me up (or CajunDavid) if you have any problems or questions. It would also help if you could spread the word around the other forums to maximize participation.

    Thanks everyone. I can’t wait to see what we come up with!

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    Any member who submits a name chosen to be the permanent site name will receive a $50 Amazon gift card compliments of us! Now get busy and start thinking! All entries must be sent to me, CajunDavid, in a PM to be considered. Thanks!

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    Thanks to everyone who submitted suggestions. We have some great possibilities!


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