Free Tote Bag - Beaverton, Oregon Apartment Communities

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    Request a Free Tote
    Contact the City of Beaverton Solid Waste and Recycling Program at (503) 526-2665 to request a free tote.

    The City of Beaverton has made recycling more convenient for its 10,000-plus apartment residents through its In the Bag! program. Since October 2004, the program has made durable, reusable recycling tote bags available to over 200 apartment communities throughout the City. The tote bag makes storing and transporting your recyclable materials a very simple process.

    All you need to do is find a convenient place, such as a cabinet, cupboard, or closet, to keep the tote in your apartment while you collect your recycling. You can place all recyclables in this tote, including paper, plastic bottles and tubs, cans and scrap metal, or cardboard and glass.

  • 4K Club



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