Coleman 70-Quart Xtreme Marine Cooler w/ 2-Pack 30oz Ozark Trail Vacuum Insulated Double Wall Stainless Steel Tumblers Bundle $37.46 + FS @ Walmart

  • Tumbler Color Choices (select a quantity of 2):
    Stainless Steel
    Gun Metal Gray



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    Thanks, I was looking for one of these today and couldn’t find it in store. this is perfect.

  • Scan the different colored tumblers at your B&M locations. While recently on vacation, I found a Wally that had the 30oz Stainless Steel tumblers on clearance for $2/ea, and pure solid colored ones (like Navy Blue, Gray, Tan, etc.) for $1/ea!

    The pure solid colored ones were actually placed on a clearance shelf (and marked for $2), but the stainless steel one were not marked down on the shelf (and so were located in the normal section w/ the rest of the OT tumblers/thermos type products). Looked up the price at a price scanner while at the store to discover that they were on clearance.

    The solid colored tumblers were already OOS though, and Wally doesn’t PM their own stores anymore (they will PM some prices @ Wally B&M’s), but as a test, I purchased a few pure solid colored tumblers at another Wally (for normal price), returned them (in the morning) to the one which had them for $1, then came back to that same Wally later that night. There they were sitting on the clearance shelf, so snagged 'em! 🙂

    The non solid colored tumblers (with stainless steel stripe at top) were NOT on clearance at the aforementioned Wally.

    At another wally, found a single green tumbler (with stainless stripe on top) on clearance for $2. That same Wally also had a 40oz stainless steel tumbler on clearance for $2.50. Neither tumbler was marked on clearance though (stumbled on it by checking store scanner). Didn’t need any more tumblers, so left them for another customer (they were gone 2 days later, but that Wally had in the meantime marked almost all of their OT products down and moved them to a clearance shelf).


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