Prime Members: STANLEY FATMAX PCI140 140W Power Inverter: 12V DC to 120V AC Power Outlet with Dual USB Ports $10.00 + FS

  • 140 continuous watts of power
    120 Volt AC outlet
    2 Amp USB outlets
    Mounting kit included
    DC plug for your vehicle

  • Global Moderator

    Good deal if you have a use for it. Although this unit is marketed as 140 watts, both the detailed specs and the reviews make it clear that it’s rated for 140 watts peak, 100 watts continuous.

    A good use would be for recharging power tool batteries. Charging laptops would be hit or miss, since many require more than 100 watts. From reading the Amazon reviews, it apparently works well for breast pumps, but I wouldn’t recommend it for any microprocessor-controlled biomedical equipment, because there’s no mention of filtered AC for sensitive electronics.

    Don’t count on using it for air pumps, most are over 100 watts. If you have an aquarium within extension cord reach of your car, it could power your pump or filter during an extended power outage.

    If you’re camping and don’t have portable lighting, you could grab a couple of painter’s lamps with LED bulbs and use this for low power but effective lighting.


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