Free Paparazzi Accessories Jewelry sample

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    Because Paparazzi is so new… many people have never had a chance to

    hear about this exciting new line of accessories and party plan.

    If you are interested in becoming a Consultant, but sure because you

    have never experienced Paparazzi… The Darling Diva would love to send

    You a free piece to take for “test drive”. Simply fill out the form below and I

    Will give you a quick call to find out what your style and color preferences are.

    Then all you have to do is wear the bling and monitor all the feedback you receive. When they ask you about it… just tell them “it was only $5” and watch their jaws drop! When they ask you where they can get some… tell them you are going to be selling it and take down their name and number so you can call you when your order comes in. Then if you decide to sell it… you will already have your first customers ready to buy!

  • I have signed up twice in the past 3 years and never received it. Good luck.

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    I did get something this last time I asked. so hoping you will again. @dubzap69

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    The free SWR service is now closed.


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