Earn IBOTTA and SAVINGSTAR credit with RiteAid.com orders - Linked Wellness # required.

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    FYI, if you have your card number from RA on your SStar and IBOTTA accounts, you will earn the product credits for online orders of qualifying products in your account. This won’t work on IBOTTA if you typically upload a photo of your receipt from RA vs the linked method.

    Per posters on SD.

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    Sort of OT, but If you want to be eligible for both CO51 and S* you need to use different email addresses. My RA email addresses are all linked to S* accts and I use a different email address for CO51. Since CO51 requires uploading receipt it doesn’t matter which RA/S* acct you use. If you use the same email address for S* and CO51 then overlapping offers won’t appear on CO51.
    e.g. Cerave baby ointment is on clearance at RA for $3.24 - $2 ip. Earn $2 S* and $2 CO51 (L1). The CO51 offer has been resetting each week so each week I buy another Cerave on a different RA acct, get another $2 S* and another $2 CO51.
    e.g. Love Beauty & Planet on clearance at RA for $2.34 - $2 L2c get $2 S* and $2 CO51. Wait a week and buy it again on a different RA acct. This product is harder to find than Cerave.


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