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    Present your SAME Price Plus club card to cashier from October 14th thru November 22nd. Price Plus club membership is required to participate. If you are not a member, sign up today to get your Free Price Plus card and start saving right away.

    Spend the required amount to get your Free Holiday dinner favorite. Or, you can get the equivalent savings per lb. toward the purchase of any other ham, whole turkey or turkey breast.

    No receipts to save! ShopRite registers will automatically keep a running total of your purchases from Sunday, October 14th thru Thursday, November 22, 2018. You’ll see your current total at the bottom of your receipt, so you’ll know when you’ve qualified.

    Get your FREE item when you’ve reached the purchase requirement. ShopRite registers will automatically deduct the cost of your free item from your shopping order.

    Choose From

    FREE ShopRite All Natural Frozen Turkey up to 21 lbs OR Save $1.49/lb off any other fresh, frozen or Kosher turkey (up to 21 lbs)
    FREE Cooks Shank ½ Smoked Ham, up to 12lb average OR 5 lb Hormel Black Label Canned Ham OR Save $1.99/lb off Cooks Spiral Sliced Ham any other Smoked Ham
    FREE ShopRite Grade “A” or Shady Brook Frozen Turkey Breast 6-9 lb avg OR $1.99/lb off any other fresh or frozen turkey breast or Kosher turkey breast
    FREE Kosher Frozen Roasting Chicken 5 lb average
    FREE Stouffers 90-96 oz Frozen Lasagna, any variety
    FREE Tofurky 56 oz (Frozen Meat item)

    You must use the same Price Plus club card every time you shop. Qualifying purchases are calculated BEFORE taxes, bottle deposits, and the face value of manufacturer coupons and AFTER ShopRite store coupons, ShopRite Price Plus club deductions and any multiplied manufacturer coupons. Program excludes prescription medications, gift cards, postage stamp sales, money orders, money transfers, lottery tickets, bus ticket sales, fuel and Metro passes, as well as milk, cigarettes, tobacco products and alcoholic beverages or any other items prohibited by law. Free turkeys sold as whole turkey only. No rainchecks for specific brands/weights will be issued if product within the same brand/weight range is available. Offer expires 11/22/18

  • so what is the req. spend? It used to be 250 or 300 then it went up to 400.00 last year…if I remember correctly.

  • well its 400.00 . last year Shoprite gift cards worked for the promo. Haven’t tried yet but will try it out with a 10.00 card and report back. Visa gift cards do not work. The ad always states it excludes gift cards.


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