Official Request A Referral Thread

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    This was a fairly popular thread on FW, so we’d like to offer a dedicated place to share referrals here as long as the rules are followed.

    You can ONLY request that referrals be sent to you by chat/PM through this thread. Do not request referrals in other threads or a moderator will delete it and ask you to post it here. Use a separate reply for each request.

    As is to be expected, the mods will keep a very close eye on this thread. Replies publicy posting your personal referral links or codes will be deleted (both here and in the rest of the forums).

    When you reply to someone’s referral request in chat, also post a quoted reply to them here ASAP to let everyone know so the requester’s chat is not slammed with multiple referrals. Requestors should also edit their post ASAP to indicate that they no longer need a referral (don’t delete the original request, just add a note stating that you no longer need a referral or strike out the text). That should keep things organized and running smoothly even in the midsts of extremely popular offers/deals that require or are sweetened by referrals.

    I followed the original version of this thread for three years and it worked very well because folks pitched in and helped each other (and very rapidly) without abusing the thread. I truly hope that will be true for this thread as well so that we can continue to offer this option.

    Requests for coupon codes and coupon trading should be posted in the Coupon Trading category/forum:

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    Reserved for moderator updates of sites/companies/services with referral programs:

    • Ace Elite
    • AdoramaPix(dot)com
    • AT&T DSL
    • Amex SPG Personal Card
    • Beam (bank)
    • Bank Ultra Premium Credit Card
    • Befrugal(dot)com
    • Berry Cart
    • Brinks Prepaid MC (Money Card)
    • Brinks Savings Account
    • Boxed(dot)com
    • Canadadrugcenter(dot)com
    • CardCash
    • Chase Ink Plus
    • Chase Southwest Plus (Visa)
    • Chase Southwest Premier (Visa)
    • Cricket Wireless
    • Cyanogenmod One Plus One
    • Delta Gold Amex Credit Card
    • Delta Platinum Amex Credit Card
    • DirectTV
    • Dish Network
    • Dollar Shave Club
    • Gevalia
    • Google
    • Google Express
    • HSBC Premier Checking
    • HSBC Advance Checking
    • H2O Wireless
    • ibotta
    • Insight Card?
    • Jet(dot)com
    • Lyft
    • Momentum Prepaid
    • NatureBox
    • Navy Federal Credit Union
    • Netspend Savings Account
    • PNC Workplace Account
    • Privacy(dot)com
    • Raise(dot)com
    • Raise Me College Funding
    • Regions
    • Republic of Tea
    • Republic Wireless
    • RobinHood
    • Samsung EPP
    • Samsung Pay
    • Schawb Individual Brokerage
    • Schawb Bank Investor Checking
    • Shipt
    • Southwest Personal Plus Card
    • Southwest Premiere
    • Swagbucks
    • Third Love
    • Ting
    • Verizon bundles
    • Verizon FIOS
    • Western Union Netspend Prepaid Card

  • Anyone have a Shipt code?

    got one

  • Anyone have a Western Union prepaid card code?

  • got one!

    Need Robinhood referral please

  • Please refer me to ibotta. thank you

  • Anyone have a CardCash referral?

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    @tinychat said in Official Request A Referral Thread:

    Anyone have a CardCash referral?



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