Take a Bite Out of Crime! Free McGruff Safe Kids ID Kits

  • In 1992, the McGruff Safe Kits were officially licensed by the National Crime Prevention Council, and aimed to teach children about safety in a fun and friendly way. Today, the goal is the same. Along with providing safety advice to children, The McGruff Safe Kids ID Kit also gives parents a convenient way to store their child’s important information.

    Safe ID Kit Introductory Letter

    What’s inside?

    • Tear-out fingerprint card with child-safe fingerprint ink
    • McGruff the Crime Dog tear-out emergency numbers card
    • 911 Instructions
    • Personal Record Card
    • DNA Collection Tips
    • Fun, family-friendly quizzes and games reinforcing the safety message

    Note the fine print associated with this offer:

    This is a solicitation for insurance. By submitting your information, you give your consent for a licensed insurance agent from American Income Life Insurance Company, Liberty National Life Insurance Company, and Family Heritage Life Insurance Company to use automated or manual technology to call, text, or email you for insurance purposes at the telephone number provided, including your wireless number. This may include phone numbers that appear on any state and/or federal Do Not Call list. The agent will arrange a convenient time to deliver your Kit(s) and explain additional insurance coverage available.

    You are not obligated to buy or change your insurance to get the Kit. The Kit is provided at no cost to you.

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    Thanx, somehow I just keep getting more grandkids to ID.

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    @MISTERCHEAP Please expire

  • I’m curious as to why you requested that this post be expired, @MrsGuin, rather than simply bumping it up the list by making a comment… 🤔

    This still-available McGruff Kit is identical to the McGruff Kit that you just posted…same website, merely a different page… 🐶 🐕

    Original: https://www.mcgruffsafekit.com
    Yours: … https://www.mcgruffsafekit.com/united-states

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    @kohlspowrshopper Mostly because of the age of the post & something a mod said.


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