[Update; Add-On Items Ship Free, No Minimum] Prime members: New Amazon Day Delivery Option - FREE Delivery Of Everything Eligible Ordered Throughout The Week on The Same Day (You Choose) Every Week

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    Introducing Amazon Day delivery for Prime members

    Simply pick a day that works for you, and we’ll deliver your Amazon orders each week on the same day. Free for Prime members. Work for eligible/select items only
    (normally those that are already Prime eligible).

    Rest easy knowing your packages will arrive the same day each week.

    All on one day
    With all of your items arriving on the same day, we will combine your orders when possible.

    Keep adding items throughout the week and we’ll deliver everything on your Amazon Day.

    To use:

    1. Look for the Amazon Day delivery option at checkout and select the day that works for you.
      Note: the product page will also display a message for eligible items.
    2. Order items throughout the week and choose Amazon Day delivery in checkout.
    3. Get your items delivered for Free on that day of the week.

    ETA 06-08-2019: "A new benefit to this program is that you can now have Add-On Items shipped free with no minimum (i.e., $25) purchase requirement if you select Amazon Day at checkout because Anazon Day includes free delivery."

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Q. Will all of my future orders arrive on my Amazon Day?
      • A. Only if you choose for them to. Amazon Day will appear as a delivery option along with your normal Prime delivery options. Choose it as often as you’d like, or if there’s another option that’s better for a certain order, choose that instead.
    • Q. Are all items eligible for Amazon Day?
      • A. Most items that are eligible for Prime FREE Two-Day Shipping and are shipped by Amazon can be ordered with Amazon Day. Eligibility varies by item; see details at checkout.
    • Q. How far in advance do I need to order so I can get stuff on my Amazon Day?
      • A. Most items can be ordered for Amazon Day delivery up to two days before your chosen day.
    • Q. Who can use Amazon Day?
      • A. Amazon Day is free for Prime members, with no additional membership required.
    • Q. How does this delivery option tie to Amazon’s Shipment Zero initiative?
      • A. The program is one of many sustainability initiatives to help achieve Shipment Zero, the company’s vision to make all Amazon shipments net zero carbon, with 50% of all shipments net zero by 2030.

  • I don’t see this as much of a benefit to me. It probably saves Amazon some money if people do this though.

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    I agree that they’re primarily just trying to save $ on shipping costs, LOL. However, I also see a very real benefit to people who have issues with porch pirates/package thieves or who travel often because they can change the date to ensure someone can always be there to accept the package(s). Also, if you’ve been having issues with Prime delivery “drift,” with Prime items being delivered in 3 to 5 days instead of the previously guranteed (and paid for) 2 days, you can shorten your guaranteed shipping window by shopping later in your delivery week (though you’d have to forfeit any desired slow shipping offers). I can imagine there are advantages for small businesses as well. It also doesn’t work with non-Prime items, so this feature doesn’t’ make any sense if you’re ordering both Prime and non-Prime in the same week.

    At least it’s an optional feature so it’s good to be aware of it incase you ever want to give it a try to see what it’s like/how it worked for yourself.

  • @harperr

    • Q: Will I forfeit that $1 digital credit on those teeny orders that I’m not in a hurry to get?
      • A: You bet, buckaroo!

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    A new benefit to this program is that you can now have Add-On Items shipped free with no minimum (i.e., $25) purchase requirement if you select Amazon Day at checkout because Anazon Day includes free delivery.

    Qualifying Add-On Item product pages now say “Ships FREE with Amazon Day delivery or with any qualifying order over $25.”

    If you add it your cart, you’ll see “Add-on Items ship FREE with Amazon Day delivery or with orders that contain $25 of items shipped by Amazon. Choose your Amazon Day at checkout.”



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