Tello Lower Rates Sprint MVNO Cell Service

  • I have been with Tello since Ring Plus went under.
    I am a light user but Tello just notified me that my plan has upgraded my plan and lowered the rate.
    Unlimited Talk and Text and 1 GB high speed data (throttled after limit) is now a flat $10 per month.
    Even at the throttled speed I can use Google Voice.
    Sprint coverage works in my area.
    Tello customer service is top shelf.

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    From the generic email I received…

    Subject: The secret’s out: New Irresistible Prices Are Here!

    Overpriced wireless is over!

    New Tello plans bring you more benefits than ever! It’s time for a cheaper, better cell plan!

    Enjoy bigger savings with price drops of up to 35%

    • 1 GB: Unlimited minutes, Unlimited text $10/mo
    • 2 GB: Unlimited minutes, Unlimited text $14/mo
    • 4 GB: 300 minutes, Unlimited text $17/mo

    Mix & match data and minute options however you like. Our prices range from $5 to $39/mo.

    Introducing brand new data options for you!

    That’s right, the good news keeps on coming. Now you have even more data options to choose from. Because Tello truly suits your needs 😉

    • 6 GB: Unlimited minutes, Unlimited text $24/mo
    • 8 GB Unlimited minutes, Unlimited text $29/mo
    • 12 GB: 300 minutes, Unlimited text $37/mo

    Plans renew automatically every 30 days. Enjoy monthly billing and the freedom to upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime, no extra fees or charges.±+Price+Decrease±+Prospects+%2B+PAYGO±+June+2019

  • @juicer There is a $6 level also

  • I am tempted. I have a Nexus 6 which I can take anywhere. Think I’m good through October. See what shakes out around then. $10 otd for UTnT 1GB is excellent.


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