Rite Aid to 6/26 MM on Nabisco to go Oreos, Chips Ahoy, Nilla, Nutter Butter, etc (up to 6 free total, plus mm)

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    1. Be sure to clip the savingstar offer(s) for Nabisco Oreos and related brands (3.5oz or larger) some may have 2 offers, $1 back on $1, the other offer $1 back on 2.

    Clip the $1/2 or $1/3 Nabisco Cookies Q in 6/23 smartsource (varies by region what Q is offered)

    Clip the Checkout 51 offer for Oreos/related brands up to 5 redemptions (offer expires 6/26) $1 per.

    at store look for the ‘to go’ cups on sale $1 ea

    Buy 5 or 6 depending what man Q you use (look for containers w/freshness peelies too, scored some today) Pay $5 or less w/peelies
    then present two $1/3 (on six or five with one Q) or two $1/2 (or just one coupon if that’s all you have)

    pay $3 or $4 net (or less w/peelies)

    submit for $5 on Checkout 51
    get back up to $2 on savingstar

    up to $4mm or more mm w/peelies.


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