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    This is probably a silly question, but…

    Is card cash legit and safe?

    I am on their mailing list but never paid much attention. It seems they are selling physical git cards at a substantial discount in many cases.
    Thanks for your input.

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    @KohlsPowrShopper recently posted adeal thread about them here that received several thumbs ups.

    I also periodically see cardcash deals elsewhere, so they’re legit. Whether or not they’re safe can’t be guaranteed IMHO… remember the PayPal GC theft fiasco a few years back? i suggest not getting a GC from anyone unless you plan to use the full value right away.

    Also, their score on Reseller Ratings is 8.27 / 10 (26,490 reviews).

  • I highly recommend contacting your CC company to pre-authorize any GC purchase, regardless of the site.

    At CardCash, I attempted to buy Target GC’s at 10% off when I scored a 25% CB Bonus, but my VISA issuer denied the purchase and froze my CC, citing possible fraud.

    Missed out on the deal. 😕

    At Target, I tried buying eBay GC’s at 5% off (REDcard discount), but Target denied the purchase, instructing me to call in; after being on hold for over half an hour, I hung up and just purchased smaller denominations over several orders, without issue.

    Both CC issuers were probably just concerned that I was buying all the GC’s to get someone out of jail with…or to pay the IRS for all of those “outstanding litigations” against me… 🙄

    That being said, I agree with @FiveTalents that discounted, pre-owned GC’s should be used right away…CardCash backs theirs with a 45-day buyer protection guarantee.

  • card cash is legit. I sold them gift cards and was paid within a week. did this 2x. The one not to trust is cardpool. They have a flashy site and were great up till 6 months ago. After that I listed cards to sell and nothing ever happened. Stil listed. I sold them to cardcast nor problem. And no way to contact cardpool no phone no email. cardcash you can call. They are in philly. Also another good seller and buyer is I have dealt with them and they are good.


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