FREE Watermelon Coloring Books, Posters, Stickers & More

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    There is NO way to order!

  • No need to be negative

    We need to ensure that our free materials are distributed fairly to all. Due to an unusually high volume of orders, we cannot fulfill further requests for Operation Christmas Child. In general, we reserve the right to fulfill orders at our discretion after confirmation of purpose and placement. We appreciate your understanding.

    To order fill out the contact form
    Then click on the red “Order” button

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    @tuskers But you still haven’t said how to choose what you want, if you don’t want only a pdf.
    I didn’t post this cuz I didn’t think it worked, so if it does, tell us how.

  • Very easy to order, thanks. I guess OCC must have hit them hard.

  • @tuskers She’s not being negative, she’s stating that there isn’t a clear way to order, and you gave her a non-answer. It’s not clear on the website how to select quantities. I see what MrsG is describing. There is no way to select quantities of individual items. They are all currently set at “0”. If you click where your cursor switches from an arrow to a hand, nothing happens.

    I tried fiddling around with it, because following your instructions to MrsG doesn’t. You either didn’t get what she was saying, or you didn’t do this, and don’t know. I figured it out, clicking the green box, that your cursor recognizes, doesn’t change quantities. But if you click and drag the green box to the right -> -> ->, the quantity changes, with up to 10 of each item you can request.

    ETA: Some quantities are as much as 100 (mostly brochures). You’ll have to play around with sliding the green box.

  • Sweetclover, I consider marking a post negative as "being negative"
    Thank you for adding the additional information on how to order that MrsGuin was seeking

    I sometimes think some items are better discussed with PM’s rather than in the post and I believe this may be one of them
    Responses can be mistaken and sometimes taken personally even if they were not meant to be, like your statement I either didn’t get what she was saying or didn’t do it, or possibly my statement that MrsGuin was being negative.
    For this reason I really think a PM is a much better way to handle this type of thing

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