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    Received a reminder today from MyWaffleWaffle entitled 'Hey! Forgot something? Free coupon inside" with a link to print my coupon. I was confused at the “reminder” since this was my first email from them. I clicked the email link and it required a code to print, adding to my confusion since the email from MyWaffleWaffle didn’t include a code.

    I came back to this thread and was reminded that the offer came from Haappi Foodi, so I searched my email and found that the 1st email had been sent to spam.
    Subj: Happi FriYAY!
    Fron: Happi Foodi hello@happifoodi .com
    Date: Oct 11, 2019
    However, it too had only the same link to sign in with your email but. no code to print.

    Then I noticed 2 emails from a 3rd sender (info@qples .com) that I’d never heard of before, entitled"Coupon Printing Verification Code. It said “Thank you for signing up with Qples. We will only use your email to verify your coupon. Please enter the code below when prompted in the print window to continue.” Both emails had the same code, so you can print from both the original and reminder emails (exact same link).

    Last hiccup: you have to install the Qples QponPrinter to actually print the coupon.

    Clearly they like making things as confusing, frustrating and intrusive as possible.


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