Speedway - Speedy Deals in App

  • Maybe it starts tomorrow because I don’t see any Speedy Deals in my app but here’s the info I received.


  • @harperr

    There should be quite a few deals in your app. I have the free beverage and about 15 b1g1 , bonus points, or 2fer deals. All expire 11/30/19 as stated.

    Open the app, go to speedy deals explore today’s hottest offers, then there are 2 categories, food & merchandise and tobacco offers.

  • Should be a free Dentyne Gum coupon in the app. Expires 12/8/19.

  • I had a hard time with the free drink. First, ours didn’t have “small”, they had mini, medium, mighty, and some bigger ones. They are all 89 cents so I got a medium cup. Tried getting the Mt. Dew citrus punch, it came out pepsi, poured that out and tried fanta, came out clear. Guy mopping behind me said he hasn’t had fanta for awhile. They could put up a sign. Then got the 7-up or sprite, whatever, the cashier said it had to be a small. I argued for a few seconds that they don’t have any cups labeled “small”. She finally gave it to me, mostly because there was a very long line and only one employee ringing things up. That is not my normal Speedway, and I don’t think I will go back to that one.


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