Prime Members: 10% Off Gifted Prime Memberships of 3 Months ($35) or 1 Year ($107) @

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    Give the gift of Prime
    For a limited time, Prime members save 10% on the gift of:

    • Fast, free delivery
    • Watch thousands of movies and TV shows with Prime Video
    • Stream millions of songs and thousands of playlists
    • Also get free Kindle e-books, unlimited photo storage, exclusive access to deals, Twitch, and much more

    Give the gift of Prime for:

    • 3 months: Regularly $39, now $35
    • 12 months (best value): Regularly $119, now $107

    You’ll see the 10% discount when you check out


    This limited-time offer is only available to Prime members while promotional supplies last, 1 per customer and account. Prime Video customers can take advantage of this offer if they sign up for a full Prime membership. This offer may not be combined with other offers, is non-transferable, and may not be sold. Amazon reserves the right to modify or cancel the offer at any time

    On the day you choose, Amazon will send an email with redemption instructions to your special someone. They can also exchange this gift membership for an Amazon .com gift card worth the amount of the original purchase price plus applicable taxes. This gift membership will not automatically renew, and can not be combined with any other promotional offers.

    You will be charged for the gift of Prime plus applicable taxes when you place your order. See the Return Policy and FAQs for more details. The gift of Prime can only be redeemed on Amazon .com.

  • As always, wonder if it’s redeemable to renew a personal membership.

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    @angryeyebrows said in Prime Members: 10% Off Gifted Prime Memberships of 3 Months ($35) or 1 Year ($107) @

    As always, wonder if it’s redeemable to renew a personal membership.

    Me too… and what if an existing Prime member receives this from another Prime member…

    However, since this doesn’t auto-renew, if you’re grandfathered into the shared membership with different households, you’d likely lose that upon expiration/when you manually renew.

  • As a datapoint, my annual Prime Membership was set to renew in September. Had a bunch of Amazon Gift Cards so bought myself the gift of Prime on August 31st, only after assurances that after doing so, my account would use the Gift Of Prime Cert. Was informed by Amazon that the only way to renew an existing Prime Membership by using Amazon Gift Cards for payment was to buy a Gift Of Prime for myself.

    What ensued was a nightmare.

    My primiary credit card on file was still billed for my annual membership, despite having Gift Of Prime. In 2 chat sessions before my renewal date, I informed both CSR’s I didn’t want my credit card to be billed and would be using a Gift Of Prime to renew. Was assured that my credit card would not be renewed.

    After my card was billed, again, despite assurances that it wouldn’t happen, I chatted with a CSR to refund the annual Membership and Gift Of Prime. Was assured I’d get a full refund on my credit card, and that things would finally be made right, and Gift Of Prime would be applied.

    Nope yet again.

    Shocked at the level of incompetence, I escalated this snafu to Executive Leadership at Amazon, as 3 previous attempts, even with a Supervisor were futile to fix things. They finally fixed it— including a refund to my credit card, but took so much work, and effort; it was an incredible hassle.

    Be warned if you buy this that you indeed have to cancel your Prime Membership— well assuming you get a competent CSR that knows what they’re doing—not sure if by doing so would remove your grandfathered deal, and then go through hoops of Amazon applying The Gift Of Prime Membership to your account.


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