Free Photo Session for Your Cat wyb Arm & Hammer cat litter

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    Found peelies for new offer wyb Arm & Hammer cat litter. A free photo session for your cat at JC Penney photo studio! Includes an 8x10 print.
    Add yourself or another cat for $9.99.
    Looks like you call to schedule the session then just show up with the peelie from the box or promo code and the receipt showing you bought the litter.
    I wonder if 3 friends and I could show up with 4 litter receipts and have a group session.
    Getting them to sit still would be the challenge.

  • @my4mainecoons
    What could possibly go wrong here?
    Yeah, let me bring a baby, toddler and a couple of other children, try to make them not take off their picture outfits, try to make them sit still…And lets add a couple of cats to the mix!!!

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    @mommyofhandk I think the cats would be the least troublesome 😉 They won’t try to take off their clothes!

  • @my4mainecoons
    I used to take my kids to different portrait studios for Christmas photos every year and on their birthdays until age 16. And I do NOT miss those sessions… (And the cats stayed home…)

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    this litter is inferior to Tidy Cats, I bought a box one time from Big lots, it was HORRIBLE. They have to give stuff away cause they can’t sell this mess.

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    @frugalfreak I bought a box of Clump & Seal to cash out Petco Pals Rewards. Mixed a little bit in to our fave (Precious Cat) over a few months. Wasn’t so bad.

    I agree that the litter in the baking soda yellow box isn’t very good but I’d probably use Clump & Seal over Tidy Cats. About to try Slide-- buying with Pals Rewards and submitting for MIR.


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