AMEX OFFERS: $5 on $25 Petco, $10 on $40 Etsy, $5 on $10 FedEx, $10 on $50, $10 on $50 ON/Gap

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    YMMV on any given offer on any given AMEX Card.

    Must preclip before using, see each offer for exclusions, expiration dates.

  • Thanks MR C!

  • thanks MRC, but I have the offer also and Petco is way over priced on their web site. Plus you need a certain amount for free shipping. Ill pass, but keep up the great work.

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    @barrytuneup I don’t know where you get pet food for less – unless its a supermarket/Target/Walmart.

    I posted this in Pet Thread but here’s what I did this past Sunday.

    1. Activated the Amex offer.
    2. On Petco website, activated the $10 back in Pals Rewards wyb $30 dog or cat food.
    3. Printed $10/$30 email coupon from Petco.
    4. Went to the store. Bought a $25 Petco gc, paying with Amex.
    5. Bought 2 bags of Science Diet, RR $28.99, price matched to $22.
    6. Used $10/$40 Science Diet coupon found attached to the shelf.

    $44 - $10/$40 Science Diet coupon - $10/$30 Petco coupon = $24 paid using Petco gift card.
    Have already received $5 credit from Amex.
    Have already received $10 Rewards from Petco.
    Net $9 for $58 worth of food.

  • I guess that beats my assumptions!! I buy quality dog food from Feed barn in Mahopac, NY, A special blend that keeps my pup and older dog healthy, so I stick with it for all these years. (Golden retrievers)


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