Make a No Sew Face Mask in Under a Minute

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    There are lots of tutorials out there but these two (which use similar methods) are the easiest and fastest I’ve seen. Both are washable/reusable. Both can accommodate a filter if you want additional filtration on top of the resulting 12 layers (I’d cut a piece of a standard HEPA filter vacuum bag for a filter). No scissors or sewing needed, just a bandanna/scarf and 2 rubber bands/hair elastics.

    Method 1:

    Method 2:

    Note: HEPA filters are OSHA certified to filter out 99.97% of airborne particulate matter... the coveted N95 medical grade mask typically filters out only 95% of particles. If you decide to cut up a home maintenance filter to use as a filter in your face mask, make sure that it is made of 100% polypropylene (plastic), which is used in N95 masks. Vacuum cleaner bags should be OK, but furnace filters and other filters may be made of borosilicate (paper reinforced with fiber glass) or other materials that are potentially harmful to breath through. Also consider inserting a wire (e.g., pipe cleaner, sturdy twist tie) at the top of the mask so that you can form fit it to your face/nose.

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    @fivetalents Looks great! Can we put some links to some suggested materials people can get on amazon, walmart, target, etc?

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    @dangeruss said in Make a No Sew Face Mask in Under a Minute:

    @fivetalents Looks great! Can we put some links to some suggested materials people can get on amazon, walmart, target, etc?

    Everyone is certainly welcome to post such links and suggestions! However, what I love about this method is that the materials are easily and cheaply available at local dollar stores, Walmart, grocery stores, etc.

    Better yet, most people already have a bandanna/scarf and rubber bands/hair elastics at home. Even if you don’t and you don’t want the risk of an extra B&M trip, there are many viable substitutions around your house.

    • Instead of a bandana/scarf, consider things such as a thick/densely woven t-shirt, jeans, sweatshirt, pillowcase, blanket, tablecloth, etc.

    • Instead of rubber bands or elastic hair ties, consider cutting horizontal strips/circles from shirt sleeves, tights/pantyhose, leggings, exercise pants, plastics bags, socks, etc. (you may need to twist and fold the circle in half to achieve the right length).

    • If you don’t have the optional pipe cleaner or garbage bag twist ties, use one from a loaf of bread or check your junk drawers and plugged-in power cords for those super thick twist ties that pretty much all new electronics come with to wrap up cords.

    • The optional HEPA filter is likely the only thing you might need to buy (Jerry rigged options like paper towels, used dryer sheets, and coffee filters are poor substitutes IMHO, but are probably better than nothing in a pinch).


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