Free Night in Las Vegas for Medical Workers & First Responders - Wynn or Encore

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    “Enjoy a complimentary one-night stay as our special guest at Wynn Las Vegas or Encore, through June 30, 2020, Monday-Thursday, in your choice of a Wynn Resort King, Wynn Resort Double, Encore Resort King or Encore Resort Double Queen room. First Responders who qualify for this offer include all front line law enforcement personnel, hospital and medical personnel and fire fighters that work in the United States”

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    Combine with free night at Venetian. The Venetian offer is good for all essential workers, so its a bigger list.

    Plus both of those properties are fairly close to each other on the north strip.

  • Also, just noticed Mrsguin posted the Venetian offer in a different thread already.

    Also also, there’s been considerable debate on traveling and vegas forums about this video on twitter, it was a shot of The Cosmopolitan right after opening. Maybe 5% of visitors/customers were wearing a mask, and 100% of employees had to wear a mask.

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    I need free airfare to make this a deal.

  • @my4mainecoons said in Free Night in Las Vegas for Medical Workers & First Responders - Wynn or Encore:

    I need free airfare to make this a deal.

    Jetblue gave away 90,000 roundtrip flights in a contest last month, you had to nominate your healthcare hero (frontline workers only). A few on sd won.

    I forgot about the contest, I should have nominated a few healthcare workers. I also forgot to post the contest here.

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    @ctujackbauer I never win contests. 😞 It would have been problematic anyway. Would have to self quarantine on return. So a 2 night stay would turn into a 2 wk stay-cation.

    Can be tested at 7 days and if negative return to work when test results known (day 8 or 9) otherwise have to complete 14 days. State recently issued expanded travel guidelines with a map! We don’t have to self quarantine if we travel to a neighboring county (including across state lines) in which there are < 400 cases per 1,000,000. That includes much of upstate NY but NYC metro area, NJ, CT, RI and MA are still too hot with >800/1,000,000.


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