EBAY: Beware of frequent sales tax overcharges and other issues

  • Global Moderator

    Twice in recent weeks, I’ve been ‘ripped off’ by Ebay with their sales tax nonsense, resulting in time consuming phone calls to get back small amounts of money because there’s no other way to remedy the issue.

    In my state, over the counter medications aren’t taxable, yet I was charged sales tax on a heartburn OTC med I bought on the bay. While I did get the sales tax refunded, obviously this is the law in many states and I can’t imagine how many people were charged sales tax that ebay pockets and doesn’t have to pay to the states in question.

    Also, just this week, after I paid, the seller had to issue me a $12 refund on shipping since he didn’t send it ‘expedited’ as advertised. Seller was apologetic and refunded the different but of course, there was no sales tax refund added to the amount the seller refunded which once again will result in a time consuming phone call to get back 60c.

    I’m willing to bet this results in a class action suit before too long, there’s no excuse for ebay to be this messed up with sales tax. A refund of any amount should auto prompt the corresponding sales tax on said amount.



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