$5 off $8 Stump Chunks Kindling & Fire Starter

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    Stump Chunks Kindling & Fire Starter Medium Sized Bags are available at Amazon.com. Please use the form below to request a $5.00 coupon code off our medium sized bag of Stump Chunks. The bag regularly costs $13.25, but with the code the total cost of this med bag will be $8.00 and free shipping, if you have an Amazon Prime Account.

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    I think this is pretty funny. When you split wood small bits & pieces fall off the splitter, get swept up and are either tossed or used for kindling. Someone decided to package those bits & bobs and sell them for $13.25? Its sort of like selling cookie crumbs. I wonder who this is marketed towards. People who burn wood frequently don’t need to pay for crumbs so it must be for people who don’t have many fires and buy a few logs at a time.


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