Five Star Folders @ WM: $1.31 MM after iBotta, CO51 & S*

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    Mead Five Star Folders are 97¢ ea, at WM. Buy 2 for $1.94.
    $1 back wyb 2 Five Star products from iBotta.
    $1 back wyb 2 Five Star products from S*
    $1.25 back wyb 2 Five Star products from CO51.

    I was going to post this in Grocery & Drugstore but since WM is neither I guess it goes in HD even though its too putzy if you’re not a Grocery & DS shopper.

    You must have different email addresses for S* and CO51.
    L2 on CO51, L1 on iBotta but it might re-set.

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    Wish I knew about this about an hour or two ago when I made my Walmart trip to get the 3 current free after Ibotta rebate offers.

    A question about Savingstar and CO51. I know if you have the same e-mail addresses for both, you will not get offers on CO51 if you saved the offers on Savingstar already, right? Is it possible to rectify this problem just by changing the e-mail addresses associated with either Savingstar or CO51? Do they even let you do that or must you register again with new e-mail addresses?

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    When I did it I changed CO51 email address. It was easy but that was a few years ago.
    S* T&C says you have to contact CS to change email address and I’ve never tried.


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