Free 3-pack USB-C to USB-C cables YMMV exp unk

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    Contact this person on Facebook and mention that you saw it on phatwallet. If you meet the requirements they will let you get a set of USB-C cables from Amazon and will prepay you by PayPal.

    They’re on China time to expect responses in the evening and maybe in the morning if you are in the US.

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    Not sure why this got moved to expired deals (perhaps because I forgot to add exp unk), but this deal is still active. I was just contacted by the vendor and they told me that 3 people have contacted them and one person ordered. I will be getting mine by tomorrow, perhaps I can post some pictures.

  • I contacted them, but will not be participating. Here is the Facebook Messenger exchange with them, which in my opinion is soliciting reviews that may be outside of Amazon’s policies.

    ME: Saw the post on Phatwallet for your cables and wanted to inquire.

    HLM: Hi, I am a small seller on Amazon. We urgently need you to share your feelings for the New products(after receiving it), in return you can get a free one from us. We have iPhone charger cable and usb c cable and Micro USB Cable . Which one do you prefer?

    ME: USB-C cables would be ideal - happy to leave an honest and factual review (as long as you’re equally open to it being a fair review).

    HLM: We only accept 5 stars

    ME: Well, that’s not a fair review. I’ll be happy to NOT post a review on Amazon, and give you my fair and objective review (and if you’re in agreement, I will post it to Amazon). But I am absolutely unwilling to subject my Amazon account to suspension for being a shill to a seller.

    HLM: Sorry, we do not support comments other than good ones

    We all know that Amazon has an issue with many of the reviews posted. Positive reviews are more likely (by default) listed first as what Amazon defines as TOP REVIEWS, which helps sell more products (benefiting both sellers and Amazon).

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    @high-technology Thanks for commenting. I have ordered from them and was happy with the previous cables I received, so when they contacted me this time they offered to prepay.

    I guess you can always order and if you are not happy with the product return it instead of posting a non-earned 5-star review. You can also I guess post a bad review and return it, but not expect to get reimbursed for it.

    When I review products I post only honest reviews. Most of the products I received, I was very happy with. There was one I received, a glass scale, that seemed to be good at first, but then shattered into (not so small) pieces. I contacted the vendor and told them that I wouldn’t be able to leave a positive review for them, and after some prodding they gave me the refund anyway (which was good since I was beyond the return period at that point).

    I used to worry that you had to pay return shipping to send things back if you don’t like it, but now that Amazon has partnered with Kohls that doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore (assuming you have a Kohls nearby). The only problem is writing the actual reviews and doing things on time as to not miss the return date.

    I’m still a few reviews behind, but given how much free stuff I’ve gotten, I’m still ahead of the game. Most of the things I get, I actually need/want. I think as long as you post honest reviews and don’t only buy these kinds of products and review them, your account should be fine. Everything in moderation.

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    @high-technology Just contacted the vendor with your concerns and was told that they do prepay. They also said this:

    Generally, our customers will like our products, and seldom do not like them. If there is any problem with the products, you can contact me first, instead of leaving comments that are not 5 stars

    So while yes, they are looking for 5 star reviews (like any company would be), if you do not like the product you can contact them instead. Basically the same as “If you liked our product - tell someone, if you didn’t - tell us.”.

    I do agree that this can lead to these sellers items being promoted to the top, but personally I don’t have a problem with it, if they are, in fact, good products. And so far, with a few exceptions, all the products I have received have been 5 stars.

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    Received mine today. Disappointed again (I think the same thing happened last time). I keep getting tricked into thinking these are USB-C to USB-C cables, when in fact they are USB-C to USB-A cables. I’ve reached out to the vendor to express my disappointment.


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