Free Pc Games "Pillars of Eternity Definitive Edition" (reg. $40) & "Tyranny Gold Edition" (reg. $50) Claim by 12/17

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    Seriously these are the best Epic Games giveaways in a long time, maybe forever. Both are seriously awesome AAA games.

  • @orthros I’m not always impressed with the giveaways EPIC does, but I would say there’s much more good than bad and certainly enough to keep me happy. I know EPIC still catches a bunch of flak but I’ve been seriously happy with their platform so far. As a casual gamer these days, I have a sizeable backlog of free quality games in my EPIC library alone, not to mention some gold nuggets in Origin/Prime/Steam. PoE and Tyranny are gonna be welcome additions 😄 . Thanks @AngryEyebrows for always reminding us to nab these things.

  • @midori Rumor is Epic giveaways end with the year…don’t see how they can continue but it’s been a good run (since 5/19 for me). I’ve bought about 8-10 games in that time…couldn’t pass up Tom Clancy Ghost Recon games for $5 thanks to Epic’s coupon deals.

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