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    The Game of Life: A Day at the Dog Park Board Game, Pet Edition, Game for Kids and Pet Lovers Ages 8 and Up

    GAME FOR PET LOVERS: Celebrate the silly antics of dogs at play with The Game of Life: A Day At The Dog Park edition board game. It's is a fun, dog lovers' twist on classic The Game of Life gameplay
    WHAT DOGGIES DO: In this edition of The Game of Life, players choose their favorite pup and move around the path of the dog park. Win and lose treats, collect bones, get jobs, and get into trouble
    DOG PARK FUN: This dog-themed game features the iconic Spin to Win spinner. The gameboard has a Mud Puddle as a starting space plus Pawprint, Squirrel, Hydrant, Dog Bone, Job, and Treat spaces
    ACTION CARDS: Drawing an Action card can help players advance in the game…or not! Players might get treats and bones or lose them. The first player to get 5 Dog Bone tokens wins the game
    FUN GAME FOR KIDS: Imagine all the fun of the dog park, and no poop bags needed! It's a great board game for a kid's sleepover, rainy day activity, and even a fun choice for Family game night. For ages 8 and up

    Hit the dog park and share the adventures and surprises of dogs at play! The Game of Life: A Day at the Dog Park pet edition board game is a dog lover’s version of classic The Game of Life gameplay. In this game it’s all about the treats that are used to buy Dog Bones. Players can get them by landing on a Dog Bone or Steal a Dog Bone space, pulling an Action card, winning Spin to Win, or paying the baker. Get unexpected surprises, setbacks, and advantages while moving your dog mover around the gameboard that features fun dog-related spaces. This edition of The Game of Life can easily become a favorite board game for kids ages 8 and up.

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    Spin to Win is a trademark of The Trustee of the Reuben B. Klamer L.T.

    Includes gameboard, spinner and base, 4 Dog movers, 50 Action cards, 10 Job cards, 4 Spin to Win tokens, 20 Dog Bone tokens, 50 paper dog treats, and game guide.
    Ages 8 and up
    For 2-4 players.
    Adult assembly required.


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