Cyberpunk 2077 Free Registration Rewards When You Connect My Rewards w/ GOG Account (PC, Xbox One / Series X, PS4, & PS5)

  • 5K Club

    Base game required to claim these rewards.

    Registration Rewards:
    Wolf School Jacket
    Want your V to look like a badass modern monster slayer? Then this is the jacket for you!
    Galaxy T-Shirt
    Add this to V’s wardrobe to celebrate the DRM-free revolution. Keep that rebel spirit strong, cyberpunk.
    Wolf School T-Shirt
    Casually show off your monster-slaying expertise as you stroll the Night City streets.
    Black Unicorn
    Get up close and personal with this cutting-edge take on a bladed classic.
    Shupe the Troll Plushy
    Bring a warm and cuddly touch to the world of the dark future — well, into V’s apartment at least.


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