Inner Balance Wellness Jin Deluxe Heated SL Track Zero Wall Massage Chair $2,999 @ - F/S - exp unk

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    The Jin 2.0 by inner balance is a custom designed robotic massage chair that will provide you with the full body therapeutic massage you need from your head to your toes. The Jin 2.0 will conduct a body scan measuring the length of your spine and then use its quad headed SL Track massage system to follow the contour of your spine massaging you from your buttock to your neck and everywhere in between. The Jin 2.0 will utilizes 3 unique widths while massaging you to accommodate narrow or broad shoulder widths while delivering full body massage with its total body compression therapy system. Your arms will be perfectly held in place using its C+U shaped compression system, preventing your arms from slipping out like other massage chairs, while massaging your arms and stimulating blood flow. The extra-large foot and calf massage system (with foot roller) will expertly and gently massage your foot and calf (of any size legs, slim to large) with ease, and if you’re taller the 6-in extendable leg-rest will glide out to provide extra legroom. The Jin 2 fits into your home with its zero-wall system, requiring only 2in of clearance behind the chair, and its blue tooth speakers let you take your massage experience to the next level by enjoying your favorite music. Once you turn on the therapeutic lumbar heater, you’ll feel a day’s stress and tension melt away and you’ll be relaxed, refreshed, and ready to go!

    SL Track - delivers massage coverage from the buttock all the way up to the shoulders providing full back massage coverage
    Zero wall - lets you put your massage chair wherever you want in your house since it only needs 2in of clearance behind the chair compared to the 12-18in clearance needed behind other chairs
    Foot roller - massage covers the entirety of the foot from your heel to your toes that gently massage your feet while the sides of your foot and calves are gently massaged with a compression system
    Zero Gravity - a neutral posture position that is designed to reduce pressure off the disks in the lower back and optimize contact with the massage robot for improved massage experience
    Heat - therapeutic heat in the lower back designed to reduce muscle tension and stimulate blood flow which can be used with or without massage
    Blue tooth speakers - let you stream your favorite music or television program through your blue tooth capable smart television or device
    Manual controls - let you control the massage experience so you can target specific part of your body to deliver massage where you need it
    Full body compression - wraps your arms, legs, and shoulder in a gentle compression massage making sure no part of your body gets missed
    Add a minute - lets you add 5 more minutes of massage to any auto course you've selected letting you extend a program up to 30 minutes


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