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    Phatwallet forums Code of Conduct

    Be polite because it promotes more connected community. When people feel attacked they get defensive. The progress goes awry and that benefits no one, and productive discussion ends. There is no victor.

    If your family member were behind the user you are communicating with, how would you treat them? You should treat everyone with same regard.

    Stay focused on the topic. Criticize the argument but not the member. If you have a point, there’s is no need to personally attack the other person to clarify your stance.

    Personal attacks aren’t just direct name-calling. These are all attacks to the intelligence and character of the member and are not acceptable:
    Bad Examples:

    • “Even you can understand this.”
      “Let me spell it out in numbnuts language.”
      “Only an moron would think like that.”
      “I think I lost brain cells reading that.”
      "I will not dignify that nonsense”

    Be respectful and bring value to the conversation.
    ** Good examples:

    • “I hate to criticize, but that is an awful price”
      “great value, but product build is faulty”
      “That is not the cheapest price, it is cheaper here Http://etc
      “I have experience with this item, let me explain my issues”
      “I saw something else, it says something else about this item.”

    Self-referral posts are not allowed, but you may go here for referrals:
    Always use the most direct link available in making posts.

    Avoid the drama Be more polite than you think is required. Check this out

  • All good advice. I would add that the reader also has responsibility in this.

    Read comments as if they are coming from a genuinely helpful place. Don’t read emotion into postings when it isn’t there.
    Don’t assume ill-will if someone disagrees with you. If many people disagree with you respectfully, you shouldn’t feel like you’re being attacked. You should take a fresh look at your position.

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    Well said, B1. Before getting offended, ask questions and assume the “other side” have the best of intentions.

    Also, to the mods, consistency is important. Before drastic action is taken like perm ban except for obvious spammer, have a chat between yourself and you may need to have a “head” mod to prevent the everyone is the boss problem.

    Good Luck,

  • Off-topic “your mom” jokes are not only allowed, but encouraged


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