Spa Sciences COOL Skincare Beauty Mini Fridge - Pink $29 at - Free ship on $35 unk exp

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    Make The Best of Your Skincare Thanks to Refrigeration! From the dreamy cooling sensation of brisk skincare and extended shelf life, the refrigeration of skincare products is currently the biggest trend in beauty. And SPA SCIENCES is once again at the forefront to help bring professional, spa-like practices to everybody at home and at an affordable price. Includes: • 1 Fridge and Set of Storage Components (Removable Skincare Shelf, Removable In-Door Shelf) • 4 L Capacity with Dimensions: 10’’ H x 9’’ W x 7’’ D • No Freon and Chemical-Free Operation •Power Supply [cords included] • Minimum 40ºF Cooling Capacity with Additional Heating Capacity Up To 150ºF • Hidden Door Handle And Top Handle For PortabilityFeatures & Benefits: • Shelf Life Prolongation of Skincare Products - Skincare and beauty products such as serums and moisturizing creams can greatly benefit from being stored in a cool environment, especially preservative-free, natural products. A Skincare Beauty Fridge will prolong their shelf life and keep them more effective for a longer time. • Spa-like Treatment Experience - Taking your skincare out of the Skincare Beauty Fridge right before using them gives them an unprecedented refreshing chill that awakens the senses and gives a soothing sensation. • Increased Efficiency of Refrigerated Skincare Products - Moisturizers, serums, toners and masks, especially high quality anti-aging ones, benefit from being refrigerated as it boosts them with a cooling effect that can help constrict blood vessels. Just like a cold compress for the skin that can reduce the appearance of under eye-bags, calms inflammation and tightens the look of pores. • 1 Year Warranty - Purchase with confidence with the included 1 Year Limited Warranty.


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