Sears Card 15% back on online purchases check your email YMMV

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    1Recent payments or transactions may not be reflected in the available credit amount.

    2This promotion is not transferable; is only for use with the Sears Mastercard® listed in this email; is subject to credit approval. To qualify for this promotion, you must activate this promotion before the end of the promotional period. You have the opportunity to receive 15% back in statement credits on eligible online purchases which total $100 or more each month (up to a maximum total of a $75 statement credit each month) and which are made with your Sears Mastercard between 11/01/20 (or the date you activate this offer, whichever is later) – 1/31/21. Only purchases made after activation will apply toward receiving your statement credits.

    Eligible online purchases are those made via a computer network but not all online transactions will be considered an eligible online purchase. Eligible online purchases do not include the following types of purchases in the following categories: subscription, membership or recurring purchases; utilities, cable/satellite and telephone; insurance; medical and healthcare providers; government services, taxes and tolls; education, including schools or other teaching institutions; contractor, professional, financial, legal, personal and business services; repair services, direct marketing; purchases that are manually keyed by a merchant; or online purchases made through mobile/wireless technology depending on how the technology is set up to process the purchase. Merchants must submit charges under the appropriate merchant code or industry code to be an eligible online purchase. We do not determine whether merchants appropriately identify all transactions made on a credit card, however we reserve the right to determine which purchases qualify for this offer.

    The following types of transactions don’t qualify as purchases that earn statement credits: use of checks that access your Sears Mastercard account; balance transfers; cash advances; travelers checks, foreign currency purchases, money orders, wire transfers and similar cash-like transactions; lottery tickets, gaming chips and similar betting transactions; interest and account fees; unauthorized charges; and items returned for credit. The Sears Mastercard account must be current and open at the time we determine whether you qualify for the statement credit in order to receive the statement credit. Please allow 2 billing cycles after the end of each month during the promotional period for the statement credit to be added to your account.


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