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    I went to get the free shakes a few weeks back and it was an interesting experience. One store was packed (it was at the mall), but my order was actually ready on time (and they had only about a 45 min order ahead time in the app).

    The other store that is not too far but is right on the highway had a 1.5 hour order ahead time, when i got there they told me that my order should be coming out soon even though it was 30 mins late at that point. After waiting a while they finally decided to look for my order and turns out they didn’t make it because I said I had a dairy allergy. They’re like why are you ordering a milkshake if you have a dairy allergy. I was like well it’s more like lactose intolerance then allergy. Why would they let you put dairy allergy on the milkshake. I assumed they would maybe use a dairy substitute or something. So they’re like you still want the shake? And I’m like yea. So they ended up making it and even added whip cream to it, maybe just to screw with me.

    Shake was good though, even if a bit small for $7.

  • Shake was good though, even if a bit small for $7.

    VERY small say I


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