ibi - The Smart Photo Manager with Wi-Fi in White $89.99 @ eBay.com - Free Shipping unk exp

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    Collect it all
    Collect, organize, and privately share photos and videos with the people who matter most all in one place.

    Get it anywhere
    Easily access all of your saved photos and videos anywhere with the ibimobile, web, or desktop apps.

    Share it privately
    Privately share individual photos and invite others to add photos to shared albums from vacations, weddings, and more.

    Simple to use
    Quickly set up by plugging in, downloading the app, and creating an account.

  • @pitcherswife I was a beta tester for this device pre-production. It actually worked very well, but I didn’t really understand the market. With so much free and low-cost cloud storage, why would you want a smart photo-sharing hard drive connected to your computer? The biggest “feature” was that the device could consolidate photos/video from multiple sources in one place which could make sharing a bit easier.

    It’s the same price from SanDisk with free shipping:

    Meet Ibi

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