Perfume Atomizer Duos Chill Driftwood Spring Jasmine Rosy Glow Fragrance Sprays $29.00 @ Wild Spirit Fragrances - F/S unk exp

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    Your purse called, it needs our perfume atomizers! Now your favorite fragrances can keep up with your busy schedule, and boy are they CUTE! Available in four favorite scents, these atomizers are perfectly portable, and make spritzing perfume F-U-N. Simply choose your ideal combo from the dropdown menus below, add them to your shopping cart, and save!
    Chill Perfume Atomizer (green) - a delicious and creamy scent. The perfect perfume for the wanderlust adventurer! This comforting brew of juicy golden apple, a sprinkle of vanilla and salted caramel, a dash of cinnamon, and ocean breeze brings a smile to any face. Contains Natural Essential Oils: Cinnamon and Red Seaweed.
    Rosy Glow Perfume Atomizer (dark pink) – a juicy and floral fragrance. The perfect perfume for the social butterfly! This exciting mix of succulent peach, lychee rose, and bergamot with a pinch of pink pepper is the perfect everyday accessory. Contains Natural Essential Oils: Pink Pepper, Rosemary Oil, Vanilla, Jasmine, Cedarwood Oil.
    Driftwood Perfume Atomizer (blue) - a fresh and airy scent. The perfect perfume for the go-getter who never stops moving! An energetic combination of salty ocean notes, fresh jasmine, wild freesia, cedarwood, and a soft musk combines for the perfect scent. Contains Natural Essential Oils: Laurel Oil, Mandarin, Lemon, Spearmint, Jasmine Absolute, Cedarwood.
    Spring Jasmine (light pink) - a fresh floral fragrance. The perfect perfume for the fashionista with the stacked calendar! This enchanting blend of crisp green apple, warm vanilla, creamy jasmine, hints of blackcurrant, and a pinch of Sichuan pepper creates ultimate flower power. Contains Natural Oils: Bergamot, Blackcurrant, Clove, Lemon, and Sichuan Pepper.
    Twist and Spritz: Our sleek perfume atomizers are refillable, travel-friendly, and can fit into any purse or pocket. Simply insert the glass vial into the case, twist the top, and spritz for a freshen up. It’s a revolutionary new way of scenting and a handbag necessity for fragrance fans and fashionistas alike!
    How We Spritz: Spray fragrance on your wrists, behind the ears, at the bottom of the throat, the inside of the elbows, and behind the knees.
    Contains: Two Purse Atomizers, and Two 10mL Perfume Inserts.


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