Mercury Magazines is offering a free year of People Magazine. Offer expires 1/14/21.

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    I received the e-mail today with the subject: šŸ˜ƒCONFIRMED: MrVietnam, Your Complimentary People Magazine! They ask you to fill out some brief employment questions, so they can also offer you some optional trade magazines. Mercury Magazines has a good track record at fulfilling their promotions.

    Here is a direct link for those who didnā€™t get the e-mail:
    (credit pitcherswife for the direct link to the deal)

    Please respond by January 14, 2021

    People magazine has been bringing us the best of celebrity and popular culture news since 1974. It provides stories about people instead of issues. People magazine continues to connect readers to celebrities and provides human-interest stories readers want to read.


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