DoubleTree Hotels Sweet Dreams Sweepstakes thru 12/20/17

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    Prize: Winner will receive a queen size mattress and box spring with home delivery (must be in the continental United States).

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    @MrsGuin Do you have a direct link for this offer? Links to Woobox are not allowed on PWF because they are a referral site.

  • @fivetalents No, everything goes to woodbox. It looks like woodbox is the direct link.

  • Global Moderator

    Woobox is not the direct link. They are a referral site. A direct link has been found for every other Woobox link posted on this site. I’ve stated a number of times that referral links are not allowed on this site, and have specifically noted Woobox the numerous times it has been posted here. If you can’t find the direct link yourself, please do not post the freebie. It really is not a good use of my time to keep having to look up/find those direct links for the OPs so, going forward, I’m just going to delete threads containing Woobox links.

  • @fivetalents This was the 1st time I’ve been told that woodbox is a referral link. Ca you tell me how you find the direct links?

  • Global Moderator

    Mostly I do a Google search of the product name with critical key words (e.g., sample, giveaway, free), minimizing the use of common words to reduce the number of results I need to search through, and limiting the search results to information posted in the last month or so. With trial and error, that eventually helps me to locate the original source on the manufacturer’s website, if not to a freebie site that contains the real link. Sometimes I just go directly to the manufacturer’s website or their social media page(s) like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., which sometimes contains the direct link to the offer.


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