Need a deal on AirCare 1043

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    So far I’ve found Menards that has it for $14 + S&H. Everyone else is around $20.
    Not particularly happy to pay so much for S&H, do you guys know if I can get it elsewhere and maybe get it pricematched or something?

  • $17 delivered.

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    @sonofzeus Thanks, but still too expensive. If they had multiples with the same $9 shipping, that could be worth it.

    Anyway, after talking to like 5 reps on homedepot, I eventually got through to someone who was willing to price match menards. (Most of them said that menards is not a competitor, WTF?)

    Not only did she price matched them for me, but didn’t charge me shipping. I ended up buying 4 so my total was like $60.

  • You never mentioned:

    1. your interest in bulk buy;
    2. the value of your time is close to zero.

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    @sonofzeus said in Need a deal on AirCare 1043:

    You never mentioned:

    1. your interest in bulk buy;

    Well we have 2 humidifiers, so I wanted at least 2.

    1. the value of your time is close to zero.

    To be fair, I accomplished most of the things while waiting for the kids to come back from TKD and/or driving, so I did not spend too much extra time on it. I’ve also never PMed at HD before, so at least it was nice to know the process and issues. It might help in future deals.

    Honestly, I probably spent less time on this than it would’ve taken me to actually go to a physical store, so I think it’s a win. I also wanted to use my HD gc, which I’m sure I bought at some discount previously, and I’ve accomplished that.

    It was very annoying that the reps wouldn’t straight up match menards. I wonder if it’s because the product was so much lower there (and way below MAP).

    Also I learned today that maybe the wicks I have right now aren’t so bad, but just need some maintanence.

    Regardless, I was able to get the brand name wicks for the same price as the knock off ones, so I’m happy.


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