Stainless Steel Fresh Pasta Maker Roller Machine $19.99 + Free Shipping @ unk exp

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    Fond of eating flour-made dishes? How about dumplings? Wonton? Noodles? Buy this Dual-blade Multifunctional Manual Hand-cranking Operation Stainless Steel Noodle Making Machine; and you are able to make whatever flour-made dishes by your own! This noodle maker, adopting first-rate stainless steel material, is wear-resistant and uneasy to get rusty. Ergonomic treatment on handle makes it anti-skid and comfortable to grip. This machine has excellent pressing performance, could press dough into thin and cute wrappers. And by hand-cranking operation, you can get noodles within seconds with this noodle maker. In this way, you will enjoy healthy and yummy noodles! Buy it without hesitation!


    1. Brand new and high quality
    2. Classic design
    3. Hand operated,convenient removable Crank handle for easy storage
    4. Each hand-cranking hole is designed with respective specification for making different noodles
    5. Clamps to your countertop for stability
    6. Make delicious homemade pasta
    7. Very durable and easy to clean
    8. You are allowed to adjust the thickness of noodles by altering the adjustment mode


    1. Material: Stainless Steel
    2. Color: Silver
    3. Capacity: 1 L
    4. Rotation Speed: 1000RPM
    5. Type: Hand-cranking
    6. Dimensions: (8.07 x 7.28 x 5.31)" (L x W x H)
    7. Weight: 5.38lbs
      Package Includes:
      1 x Noodle Making Machine

    During use, clean the scrapers underneath the smooth rollers every so often with a piece of kitchen paper.
    Never wash the machine with water or in the dishwasher!
    To clean the machine after use, use a brush or a wooden rod.
    If necessary put several drops of Vaseline oil in the ends of the cutting rollers.
    Do not insert knives or cloths in between the rollers!
    After use,replace the machine and its accessories back in their original box.
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