Free Sample Neuromax Pain & Muscle Relief Gel


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  • Per John Clark:
    The main website is in Spanish and there is no actual content except for this free sample page which means this could be a hacked website or web server. The video on the free sample page is hosted by “Zantric Agency” which doesn’t exist anywhere when you Google it. And their YouTube page is unlisted which means they do not want to be found for some reason. Not a good sign it’ll come so I’m putting this in the fake box for now. URL to avoid it:

  • Mrsguin how can I direct msg. you? I found you from the closed site by accident and wanted to know how the new one was created. A past fan…

  • @lanijones Click on MrsGuin to the right of my avatar below you.
    Then on the new page click on the 3 dots to the right & choose start a new chat with MrsGuin from the drop down menu.

  • I am a web programmer and it looks like there are some issues with this site. A link above for the free sample appears to have some code spread out. I also work with the Avada wordpress theme very much and I know how to customize it very well and they did not do the job properly with this. In other words, this site was not put together right and there are a lot of loose elements and that should never happen.

  • locked and moved it to expire deals due to concerns with the site.


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